Enlightened Leadership, Co-Creating the Future Together

Embrace the Future...Empower the New You!

Clarity & Direction

Innovation & Productivity

Alignment & Balance

Do You Lead Your Life or Career with Intention or Do You Settle for Unfulfilled Dreams of What Could Be?

Do You Live in the Space of 'What If?' or 'I Could Never Do That?'

Agility & Relevance Worries?

Do you feel confused and out of step when planning for today’s ever-changing environment? 

Work/Life balance Worries?

Do you worry about quality family time? Does time management and deadlines keep you up at night?

Emotional Barriers?

Do you battle with self-worth? Negative emotions providing barriers to moving forward in your life? 

After nearing 30 years of international leadership roles and start-up projects, my greatest gems of wisdom are remarkably simple... yet powerful!

Taking control... Acknowledging my authentic self... and 'Embracing The Leader Within' in all aspects of life and career has become an integral action in being the leader of my own journey and not a mere spectator or commentator.

My passion and commitment is rooted in adding value and supporting you to empower yourself and others in order to move forward in your life or career pathway and will drive you towards empowering the leader within.

Whether you’re a corporate leader or a start out entrepreneur seeking to be agile and relevant in a changeable marketplace, an executive climbing the corporate ladder and battling with work/life balance, a school leader or owner building strategies towards school improvement and creating a holistic ethos for stakeholders, an executive parent leading and managing the home, or a student grappling with the challenges of leading a balanced college life, you deserve to succeed; partnering with me can help you take control of your aspirations and build your own success.

As a consistent advocate for finding ways in which to facilitate growth and strength I will enable you to gain clarity, direction, and to work purposefully towards agreed goals and successful outcomes that will powerfully add value to your future, whilst also combating negative emotions or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from fully achieving your highest potential and being fully empowered in your work and life.

Having proven success in project management, strategic planning, training facilitation, policy design and implementation, as well as nurturing company and stakeholder vision and ethos towards developing company culture and global vision, I am well situated to support you towards growth, mental strength and capacity enhancement. I look forward to partnering with you towards a successful and fulfilling future.

Discover The 3 E's Growth & Deep Insight Coaching Programme

Becoming the leader that others follow or creating a foundation of certainty and clarity to lead with intention and purpose can leave you in a lonely and demotivated space where limiting belief, negative emotions and procrastination take over. To learn more about how partnering with me can provide answers, click below and discover how The 3 E’s Growth & deep Insight Coaching Programme can take you from confusion to clarity.

Create Clarity & Direction

Replace Anguish & Work Fatigue with Alignment & Balance

Move from Stagnation to Innovation & Productivity

3 simple steps to embarking upon 'Enlightened Leadership' that will enable you to 'Take Control of Your Aspirations & Build Your Own Future'.

Let's take that first step... Are you ready to take control?


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Clear away Barriers

Remove that which is blocking you and create a plan of action for future success.

Feel Empowered, Build Success

Be in Control of Your Life… Finally Live a Work Life Worth Living.

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