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Founder & Director of ORCHID LEADERSHIP Coaching & Consultancy Ltd

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After nearing 30 years of international leadership roles, start-up projects, and transformative fieldwork, like many of you, I experienced periods of self-doubt and questioned my self-worth in the silent space within my mind, whilst attempting to remain agile and relevant in an ever-changing environment. Though I found that saying yes to life’s career opportunities created the platform for growth and reputation, after a degree of acquired expertise and success, there were still doubts and hesitancy as to where my life was heading.

Searching for the answer led to unlocking significant clarity, focus and direction, brought about through successful coaching, enabling and empowering me to take an idea and successfully take control of my aspirations and build my own success in the form of my own international company to support others seeking similar outcomes.

As a sought after certified and ICF credentialed Transformation & Leadership Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and EMDR Therapist, let me share that journey with you and support you to bring about that same realization and renewed vision of the future that you aspire toward and so richly deserve, through my 3 E’s Growth & Deep Insight Coaching Programme and/or various consultancy options. I look forward to partnering with you in the near future.

If you’re ready to experience the same clarity and success as I did, and as many of my clients already have testified to, I’d like to invite you to claim your complimentary DISCOVERY SESSION where together we’ll get clear about your goals, uncover what’s really standing in your way, and create a proven plan to feel fulfilled and in control as the enlightened leader you’ve always wanted to be.

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