The 3 E's Integrated Growth & Deep Insight Coaching & Therapy Programme

Work one-to-one with Transformation & Leadership Coach, Karen McClymont

Is Your Leadership Lacking Direction?

It's Never Too late To Take back Control.

Are you struggling to remain in control? Procrastination ruling your thoughts? Whether leading a global company, an emerging entrepreneur, leading a school, the home or indeed simply leading your own life’s aspirations, answers to regaining that control, that direction, that clarity can be achieved. Let us start on that road of discovery together.

Control is Within Your Grasp

I too was once seeking that same direction, that same clarity and to become fully intentional in my leadership, and I too identified certain ingredients and measures in order to initiate and sustain that picture of success. Together, we will create the means for you to take control of your aspirations and to build your own success.

Introducing the 3 E's INTegrated Growth & Deep Impact
Coaching & Therapy Programme

Together, after building trust and context in a complimentary DISCOVERY SESSION, if you wish to take the next step, a simple coaching contract/agreement for clarity of understanding and expectation is agreed.

Together, we will then ‘Enable’ your readiness for growth, identifying and eradicating that which has created barriers to your desired journey before then stepping forward into planning a secure pathway of future growth through actions and measurable outcomes, where you ‘Embrace’ the future, allowing yourself to take control of your aspirations and to build your own success and to ‘Empower’ the new you…

Sessions are customized to your individual or company needs, through explicit or integrated coaching & therapy packages, incorporating Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy and/or EMDR & Psychological Trauma Therapy where appropriate for clients, and cater to individual or in most in cases packages of 4, 6 or 12 sessions, each being around 60-90 minutes. Regularity of sessions is based upon your need and agility in moving forward in your desired goal(s). I look forward to working with you, and in turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s success.

Imagine The Possibilities

Imagine if you couldn’t fail, if total success were assured, what outcome would you steer your future toward? Now imagine that future, and your place in it, what feelings does that create? It’s that same visualization that we will bring into reality… for a future where you see a clearer, truer picture of yourself and the leader you strive to be.

Create Clarity & Direction

View with clarity that which gives you most success and create a strategic vision for change.

Create Alignment & Balance

Create Time. Achieve Efficiency. Embrace a Work Life Worth living.

Innovation & Productivity

Create Purpose & Vision. Be the Leader of Your Journey.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to take the next step towards clarity and prioritizing your future, let’s take that important step together. By accessing the benefits of coaching in your career or life journey let us bring about that success which you aspire toward. After you’ve taken that important step, I’ll personally review your submission and reply within 24 hours outlining the next steps for you to take.

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