Questioning Our Self-Perceptions Towards Greater Effectiveness…

Self-Perception and Awareness as a Leader: How does this lead to Effective and Purposeful Leadership & Team Growth?

CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME Very often, we question where a challenging situation stems from… and it is often the case as leaders that we distance ourselves from it, creating detachment, displacement and disassociated blame. Subsequent feelings of frustration, confusion, helplessness and feelings of being overwhelmed can restrict and hinder our effectiveness. How many times have we had thoughts of ‘it’s not me, it’s them’, ‘If only they would change’, without pointing the finger at ourselves first with self-reflection & accountability?

Change is not an action you do to others… as leaders we advocate an environment where others can facilitate change within themselves rather than allowing self-ego to lead a journey that others are destined to lead for themselves.

RELATIONSHIPS DRIVE CHANGE AND SUCCESS Often we represent and advocate a driving force as leaders to promote hard work as the provider of all solutions. However, the reality of this is often more complex and our subsequent neglect of the workspace environment and relationships often leads to disharmony, team dissatisfaction, friction, and a rapid turnover of team members. Maintaining rapport and building relationships within the work environment is central to developing and sustaining a healthy company culture and an environment that promotes trust, growth, innovation and group success. Hard work in isolation produces resistance, however if combined with ’Welcoming Brilliance’ in the thoughts and ideas of others, sharing gratitude, celebrating ownership & success collectively and advocating a coaching culture, greatness can be achieved and success can be experienced through advocating change and emotional fitness.

AWARENESS IS KEY When situations are labelled as small… insignificant…, and yet are recurring… what does that alert you to as a leader?

Burying one’s head in the sand when real and relevant situations are evident creates confusion, dis-alignment and a lack of unity. A solution-based collective mind-set is essential to turning things around. Enabling others access to solving issues & situations alongside you provides ownership, the pathway to sustainability and retention of future leaders for company growth and success.

Feel free to share your experiences of Limiting Beliefs and their effects upon your leadership…

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